Warriors Japan

How You Can Help

 If you are a speaker, reporter, journalist, advocate, or caring person, either globally or domestically, please contact Warriors Japan in regards to supporting Jane and other victims/survivors in Japan.

We are in urgent need to get our message out to the world.


Rapists should not receive impunity.


Justice MUST be served, so the rapists are held responsible for their crimes instead of fleeing the country with a FREE PASS.


Bloke Deans, the man that raped Jane, and fled Japan was found guilty at the Tokyo District Court.


The Japanese and American government needs to protect & take responsibility for rape victims by US military in Japan instead of ignoring  and sweeping rape cases under the carpet.



A message from Jane 

In 2002 ,I learned that there is not even one 24 hour rape crisis center in Japan. I could have closed my eyes to the fact that rapes and murders of citizens by the US Military in Japan have occurred non-stop since the 1950's. 


Instead I stayed here, in Japan, and dedicated my life to opening the eyes of others.

Giving up is not in my dictionary, but I need support to establish the first 24-hour Rape Crisis Center in Japan.


We can stop rape. 

Standing in Honor.

                                                Jane in Japan



Please email me at warriors.japan@gmail.com

We need more volunteers, office space,computers, translators &  support from international Rape Crisis Centers.

What kind of services do we need:

Outreach Services

Outreach services include general social awareness presentations, guest speakers conferences and participating in  community events to ensure people are aware of sexual assault and the resources available to them should they become a victim  or how to assist someone that they know. Outreach department staff can provide brochures and materials for distribution, in additional to conducting presentations for staff, clients, and/or the community at large.


Volunteer Services 

The Center needs caring, compassionate people – both men and women. Some of our advocates are themselves survivors of sexual assault but not all are. No prior experience or training is required for volunteer work – however therapists and persons working with survivors of sexual assault  must have had training.



For more information about outreach services or volunteer opportunities contact Director of Volunteer Programs and Outreach at  warriors.japan@gmail.com



Donations can be made at

Post Office Account :  10120 66948161 WARRIORS


Urgent Items in Need:


Computers in excellent working order.


Seeking Information:


1.Please contact us if you or someone you know, handles t-shirt printing. We need to get T-Shirts printed to raise funds.


2.Seeking event space to hold a charity concert.


3.Seeking members of the community with musical/acting/dancing etc  ability for charity events. 


contact  warriors.japan@gmail.com 


Upon request, Warriors Japan will send you the required volunteer forms. Some of the positions can be done from your own  home.  


Each person (client/volunteer/staff) is to be treated with respect. Warriors Japan does not tolerate racist, homophobic, sexist and other pejorative comments or behavior.

Confidentiality must be maintained at all times.

All information will be kept confidential.


Media Support

This position requires assistance in handling of media press releases and possibly attending press conferences.



Translators and Interpreters of any languages. Duties will include translating brochures, news articles, opportunity of interpreting at press conferences, seminars, events and so forth.



Outreach within the community or with certain groups. This may involve helping with displays, attending and/or speaking at community meetings, distributing flyers, or representing Warriors Japan at community events.


Attending Court Cases With Survivors

Assisting survivors to feel at ease while awaiting their appointments with lawyers and at court hearings when needed. Court cases are not in progress and victims are requesting moral support.


Office Support

To help with our mail-out, folding brochures, stuffing envelopes,emails.


Networking Staff

To work with current network contacts and contact with other advocates and organizations both internationally and domestically.


Fundraising and Promotion Committee

This very important committee develops fundraising strategies. It also plans promotional events. Fundraising experience an asset.


Program Committee

Working with other women to plan and evaluate the programs we offer. Experience in social service programming an asset.


Volunteer Committee

To develop and oversee all aspects of the volunteer program. Volunteer experience is an asset for training newcomers.


Board of Directors

Members are usually nominated after demonstrating a commitment after volunteer work. However members may be nominated without previous work if nominee fills an identified need in Board composition (e.g. area of expertise, reflective of the community, etc.).


Any other area of volunteer help

Please indicate in your volunteer Application. All ideas are welcome!