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Warriors Japan was founded in 2002 by  Catherine Jane a rape survivor. When she was raped in April 2002 by a U.S. military serviceman, she realized then that not even one 24 hour rape crisis center was available in Japan. For the past 12 years she has dedicated her life to establish the first 24 hour rape crisis center, community awareness and prevention and speaking out to the public in hopes to break the silence.

Warriors Japan hopes to assist sexual violence survivors, their families and friends, without discrimination of race,income,religion or sexual orientation. Support with accompanying survivors to court cases, supplying online coping resources, introduction to legal and medical assistance, group and one to one counseling.  

Warriors Japan is dedicated to standing in honor with survivors and empowering their lives.



Perkins Coie - Pro Bono Legal Assistance in USA




Result Believed to be First Case in Which a Foreign Judgment for Rape Has Been Enforced in a U.S. Court.  


MILWAUKEE, WI (October 15, 2013) – Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Michael D. Guolee entered a judgment in favor of Catherine Jane Fisher, an Australian citizen, recognizing and enforcing a Japanese civil judgment for rape that Ms. Fisher obtained against Bloke Deans, a former U.S. Navy servicemember now living in Milwaukee, WI.  The judgment is the culmination of a twelve-year quest for justice by Ms. Fisher, and came only after an extended fight in the Milwaukee court during which Mr. Deans attempted on two occasions to dismiss the claim by arguing that Ms. Fisher did not have standing to bring her claim and that Mr. Deans had been denied due process during the Japanese proceedings.  After the Milwaukee court rejected Mr. Deans’ arguments, the parties entered into a settlement calling for enforcement of the judgment.  It is believed to be the first case in which a foreign judgment for rape has been recognized and enforced in a United States court.


“We are very proud to have represented Ms. Fisher in her tireless efforts to finally recognize a judgment to which she has long been entitled,” said Perkins Coie partner Chris Hanewicz, who lead the pro bono team representing Ms. Fisher. “This result is a testament to her incredible strength and determination.”


Ms. Fisher was represented, pro bono, by Madison-based Perkins Coie attorneys Christopher Hanewicz, David Jones and Truscenialyn Brooks.  


About Perkins Coie: Founded in 1912, Perkins Coie has more than 900 lawyers in 19 offices across the United States and Asia. We provide a full array of corporate, commercial litigation and intellectual property legal services to a broad range of clients, from FORTUNE 50 corporations to small, independent start-ups, as well as public and not-for-profit organizations.  



My family and I are deeply grateful for the most dedicated efforts of Perkins Coie. Words cannot truly express our thanks. I am extremely honored to have been represented pro bono by Perkins Coie. 





Landmark Case In The USA


Action In The USA 2012

Legal action in the United States has begun.

A case against the defendant, Bloke Deans has been filed. It is aimed solely at enforcing the Japanese judgement. Catherine's legal team in the USA, are not re-trying the rape allegations - the Tokyo District Court, already found Bloke Deans guilty of raping Catherine. It has already been proven that Bloke Deans, was found guilty in a Japanese Court of law, and now she is attempting to have an American court recognize the judgment.


The defendant has moved to dismiss the action based on procedure grounds, which Catherine's legal team thinks is improper.


She will be filing a response to their motion in the coming days and expect that the court will rule in her favor and let the action proceed. 


However it may take the Court a few months to decide that issue.


Catherine has already been in court for 10 years in Japan, concerning this case and is seeking justice as soon as she can for herself and her sons.


The USA Court ruling in her favor can be seen here: 


Survivor of US Military Rape in Japan Wins Landmark 
US Court Judgment Against Perpetrator & Settles Case For $1







The Door To Freedom


" The Door To Freedom."


Photo Copyright by Ochanomizu Publishers

Photo By Jane.

 Catherine Jane has a book published in Japanese titled "Jyu No Tobira. Kyo Kara Omoikiri Ikitte Iko" (The Door To Freedom. Live Your Life From Today"  (Ohanomizu Publishers)


Her second book, took her 12 years to write and begins from the day she was raped, till present day.

Jason Swiney, Managing Director:
Fontaine Press will be publishing Catherine's full story in a book due for release in March 2014. Her tireless effort in fighting this battle against all the odds and securing a landmark victory  is truly inspirational. The book will document the steps one woman took to achieve what most thought was impossible, and her ongoing determined efforts for increased support and justice for victims of rape by members of the U.S. military.



Music On This Page

Music on this page:  "There Will Come A Day."

 "There Will Come A Day" was written and is sung by Catherine Jane Fisher & Rod Ross.



IN HOPES TO establish the first 24-hour Rape Crisis Center, the attempt was solely funded for ten years, by the founder of Warriors Japan, Catherine, a single mother of three boys. Finally, financially, mentally & phsically exhausted, she still did not give up.


Yet, due to lack of funding we are asking for the following support:


1.Seeking sponsors or web designer to help make this a proper website.Catherine Jane has a very extensive network domestically & internationally and it is her dream to make this accessible to others. 


2. Publisher for her second book in English, ready for printing. The proposed title is,  "Make Me Proud".


3. Letters of support are very welcome. This has been an extremely difficult ten years for Catherine Jane, & it is through the encouragement of her family and her supporters that she has been able to come this far.


4.Gallery for Catherine Jane's Artwork, for exhibition. She has over a hundred artworks.

For the past decade she has painted these as part of her ongoing healing.

Artwork is for sale.


5.Studio for recording songs written by and for Catherine. Singer song-writer, has dedicated songs for her & are ready for recording.




7. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FOR HEALTH ISSUES. Seeking medical support. Since Catherine was raped, one of her sons started experiencing Grand Mal Seizures and he urgently needs medical treatment in Australia. Any support welcome.





Email can be sent to



Post can be sent to:

Catherine Jane Fisher 

Warriors Japan

Chitosei Post Office

1-40-1 Kyodo

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Tokyo 156-8799 Japan.



Thank You.

With Honor, Catherine Jane Fisher

Catherine Jane Fisher 2012, Tokyo Japan.






Documentary Film Sponsored by Body Shop Japan


Make Me Proud Documentary Film


Make Me Proud was produced by 'JANE' Catherine Jane Fisher who was brutally raped in 2002 by a US military serviceman. This is about her journey and the lives of other rape victims and survivors and their heart-rending stories.

Documentary Film Make Me Proud, was sponsored by The Body Shop Japan Foundation.