Warriors Japan

Volunteer Board Members

President and Founder - Jane

The President  and Founder provides overall leadership and management of Warriors Japan, working closely with our Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers to support and promote our mission and activities. 


Executive Director

Our Executive Director oversees our operations, providing financial stewardship and ensuring that the agency is run in accordance with best in non-profit management and in a manner that supports its strategic goals. Also is responsible for assuring that we have  the best appropriate systems to support raising funds effectively and efficiently. The Executive Director is also responsible for the stewardship of small individual donors,charity events and finances from sales of purchases from the community.


Bilingual Counselor Director/Translator 


Our Bilingual Counselors provides clinical services, including short-term individual counseling and on- and off-site group counseling, to rape survivors in English and Japanese.




Outreach Director


Our Outreach Director assists with  Community Awareness programs in promoting greater awareness of the issue of sexual assault and networking services throughout the communities we serve. 



Volunteer and Program Assistant 

Our Volunteer and Program Director provides comprehensive, high-quality customer service to volunteer staff , and potential or current volunteers training.


Documentary Film Director  - Mamoru Kida. 


Our Film Director manages documentary films produced by Warriors Japan for community awareness, education  and rape prevention.

2011 Documentary Film.

Jane was awarded a grant from The Body Shop Japan Foundation and in 2011 her second documentary film was completed.  More details of film release coming soon. Please contact Warriors Japan for further information.



 ALL Positions are available at the moment


Seeking Volunteer Staff

contact  warriors.japan@gmail.com

Upon request, Warriors Japan will send you the required volunteer forms. Some of the positions can be done from your own  home.  

CODE OF CONDUCT Each person (client/volunteer/staff) is to be treated with respect. Warriors Japan does not tolerate racist, homophobic, sexist and other pejorative comments or behavior.

Confidentiality must be maintained at all times. 

All inforamtion will be kept confidential


See HOW YOU CAN HELP page for volunteer positions available.